Elizabeth Kelley

“all about me” by Elizabeth Kelley

age 27
incarcerated: may 2015
release date: may 2025
contact me at jpay.com

my name is Liz. I’m currently locked up at Leearendale state prison in ga. I’m 27. I have a 8 year old.I am 5’4. I have lots of tattoos and there colorful. I have a bubbly personality and I love to make people laugh. I like to blog because its a form of release. It helps to be able to vent or write down your thoughts because you all are complete strangers, there’s no judging. Ive been writing poetry since I was young. I haven’t done it in years until recently. I would love feed back if you can get a hold of me. all my info is below. Pointers on wording or any kind of advise. contact me at jpay.com or write me at 2023 Gainesville hwy Alto, GA 30510 well there’s not much more to say so here’s one of my poems:

I Loved You At Your Darkest

I loved you at your darkest
even though you felt like it was just
a fling, something with no meaning
in my mind we were on top, we were winning
nothing could stop us
the world was ours for the taking
I loved you at your darkest
even when you turned on me
the only person you could trust
the only person that would be
there for you, always there, thick or thin remember
shout it loud, to the roof tops
how did it turn into a whisper
I loved you at your darkest
even when the arguments
turned into hospital visits
I was there bruises and all
its OK it was just a fall
I loved you at your darkest
my life was in your hands
marks and all my blood on your hands
its got to get better than this
this can be how it ends
I loved you at your darkest
years, it felt like years I spent at your darkest
how long will I stay like this
how long will I take the darkness
light, please Lord show me the light
this tunnel is to dark
I promise im trying to fight
wings, please I need wings
fling, remember it was just suppose to be a fling
I loved you at your darkest
no more, I refuse to be here
I’m not living my life in fear
I’ll walk away one day
I just hope its not to late
I loved you at your darkest

Elizabeth Kelley
DOC #1001803604

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  1. Ek… wow you have been on my mind for months now. I have been searching to find your address and stumbled upon this. Miss you I’ll write you soon!


  2. Wow, Elizabeth, it sounds like you have been through hell. I’m so sorry for the pain, but so pleased to see you can write some of it out. Writing about pain can actually bring a lot of healing. I guess you know that and that’s one of the reasons you write. I wrote a poem about the end of a relationship you might like. Keep writing and sharing you story out in the light. Stay in the light and let it heal you! Elisa

    I finally realized this narrative
    is no longer viable
    Your non-reciprocation,
    now so undeniable.
    Something in my senses
    finally snapped
    And I actually just got up
    and turned off the tap.

    No agony or ire,
    neither waterworks nor fire,
    Just quietly put the book
    back on the shelf,
    Walked away,
    and tended to myself.
    I want no dramatic end,
    just a slow fade.
    No sudden plot bend,
    no cry I’ve been betrayed.
    I wish you no ill;
    I wish you well.
    I have washed my will
    at the lover’s mill.
    No seething anger
    I’ve displaced.
    No bitter words
    or aftertaste.
    I will to let grace
    rule the day.
    I will to be kind
    as I walk away.


  3. In the bathroom mirror, over and again,
    Reflection on reflection, which one is she;
    Can’t bear to look, nothing but pain,
    Just ain’t what she planned, or she wanted to be.

    In the bathroom mirror, over and again,
    Just one the many, or digits on a screen;
    A Satanic deception, or is it really me?
    What difference ‘tween me and some naff machine?

    In the bathroom mirror, over and again,
    Hardwired for drugs, or just a good lay;
    Empty and tired, like I’m poured down the drain,
    Don’t look at me! It’s my DNA.

    In the bathroom mirror, over and again,
    A rat for the race, or a human being?
    Cracks are appearing all over the pane;
    Can’t hang any longer with this fanciful scene.

    In the bathroom mirror, over and again,
    Reflection of God, the woman he made;
    Loved and desired and spite of the stain,
    With grace from God, the price’s been paid.

    In the bathroom mirror, over and again,
    Spots and the wrinkles, the faults and the sin;
    Climb over the truth about self and gain,
    The forgiveness of God, my true self to win.

    In the bathroom mirror, over and again,
    No God’s not dead, no, not after all;
    I’m not a machine, a piece a meat,
    But loved by Jesus, and saved from the fall.

    Jimmy Hamilton, written December 2003)



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