Matthew Newton

Today’s just a Regular Day. by Matthew L. Newton

No turn today, just wasted. I went to work, or what counts as work, then went to play…Then back to work. Today was one of those frustrating days where you think you are going to be doing more of the same, and because you have had as much of that as you can handle you don’t seem to notice the day go by quite as much, if at all…..
(Like when you listen to your favorite song over and over and over again, hitting up the best parts again and again, singing along, bobbing your head, bopping your feet unitl before you know it, and sooner then you are ready for it the entire song goes by without you hearing the parts like. You rewind and rewind, going right to that point only to realize that as soon as the song starts to play you are ignoring it. You’ve heard it enough.)
…..But then something happens, you are yanked from the mondane and thrust into chaos. Well okay, not really chaos, a fire drill followed by a surprize shack down, but you get the drift.

Or do you?

Anyway, the day was the day and now the night will be just as any other, unless it won’t, but that remains to be seen. I guess what I started to say was that you can always count on things coming up when you least expect them to, so be ready. Not that any of you have anything to worry about, but be ready all the same.

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868

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