Alawwal Knowles

Introducing Alawwal Knowles

I am Now 36 and will be 37 on the 19th of April I was born in the year 1981….

I have been incarcerated since July 11 of 2004. The day my life changed forever!!!!
This day happened something like out of a movie script… I would not believe it was me…. If, I was not in here telling you about It right Now!!!! At the end of the story….two of the robbers that tryed to rob me got shot… I got shot three times, by police officer’s that end up chasing me until the incident end with so many gun shot hole in my Jeep that it was to many to count, not a window left standing as if it was swiss cheese….. No injury other than the robbers, me, and a police officer loss his hear in his right ear due to the number of shoot he fired within his cruiser…. I received 39 years in prison instead of the 10 years I was promised when I thought I was signing the plea agreement. I am in court as we are speaking right Now. The incorrect out date is 2043. Stay posted!!! As I am waiting to hear something any day Now!!!

Thank You for take the time to read a little about me and be look forward to my Inspiration blog and My More passion colors of grey( Stories/Romance)

Alawwal Knowles
DOC #505921

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  1. Alawwal, that shoot out sounds horrific. To be in prison for such a long time must get difficult sometimes, I would think. It would be so important to find things to do that you like and occupy your time. I guess this blog is one way for you. Do use it to best advantage. I hope you have a good outcome from the hearing and that you get the support and help you need.


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