Tremayne Reed

(Day to day thoughts behind the walls) By: Tremayne Reed

So I was talking to someone about situations around here when the so called “councelor” interrupted me saying, could I stop saying profanity. I looked at this guy for about a couple seconds and thought to myself, “NIGGA”! Now I’m pretty conscious about what I say and who’s around when I speak but, if someone goes out of their way to ear hustle the conversation, that’s on them. And to be clear, I never disrespected him by calling him a nigga. I was just thinking it. I very rarely use that word anymore because of the older people I associate with. But anyway, after he took himself back into his office, I kept on with my conversation. After the conversation was over, another person had heard what was said and pretty much joked about it. Yea we laughed about it but then I said, I don’t even know why he’s so concerned with what my conversation was about, he’s apart of the problem! In my observation of him and many other’s like him, he’s complicit on how people are being mistreated health wise wile in state’s custody. As time passed, and I went back to doing what it was I was doing, I thought a little deeper into what he may have been thinking when he said what he said. And I thought well, maybe he was saying that because, he would like to see me and other young black men like me, conduct themselves in a more respectful manner. That being said I can only assume that is what he was thinking? You can’t really have those deep conversations with the majority of state employees because their trained to think that all a prisoner wants is to manipulate any situation!? But for those who aren’t brainwashed into thinking the worst of everyone, they are usually the one who have a better understanding of those who they talk to.

Tremayne Reed
DOC #829485


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