Alan Thrower


… Later on that evening after smoking a blunt relaxed, Alejandro was feeling good about today’s events. Aye farod, you think I should call Momma saucy? yeah she said call her tonight. Skeptical Alejandro wasn’t sure if he should or not. Farod That was only three or four hours ago do you think she ment later later like around 9:00 or 10:00? probably Alejandro. But she still could of ment anytime tonight right? bruh imma call her right now. Call her and see what she say Alejandro. Seconds later Alejandro was on the phone dialing faster than he could think. Riiiing Riiing Rii…hello stumbling over words, hu hello is this mamma saucy? Yeah who’s this? it’s Alejandro we met at the store earlier. A second or 2 past before anything was said, yeah what’s up Alejandro, Oh not much just sitting here debating on weather or not I should call you. Yeah it’s kool I was wondering if you were gonna call, I didn’t think you were. Yeah well I wasn’t sure if you was busy either I’m glad you answered the phone momma sauce. momma saucy.
momma saucy. You said momma sauce
yeah momma saucy. Aye can I ask you a question what kind of name is momma saucy anyway? what’s your real name? It’s Momma Saucy.
That can’t be your real name, foreal what’s your real name? Momma saucy.
Alejandro knew she wasn’t telling him her real name so he stopped asking. Anyway how old are you mamma saucy? 36 she responds. Wow Alejandro didn’t except she was that old, that’s a twenty year age difference. How old are you Alejandro?
huh? oh I’m Twenty-one. Although Alejandro didn’t look it he could past for about nineteen years old maybe eighteen so momma saucy knew he was lying. Oh.
Why’d you say oh? is that to young for you?
I Thought you was older that’s all. That raised young Alejandro’s confidence all the way up.
well yeah I’m twenty-one. Where are you at Alejandro? I’m with my homeboy kicking it at his house.
Can I come pick you up?
Alejandro looked at farod in disbelief. whispering to farod Alejandro says. She tryna come pick me up. Tell her to come scoop you Alejandro.
Yeah its koo come scoop me.

Soon after hanging up the with momma saucy she arrived to pick Alejandro up at Farod’s mother’s house..Riing riing rii..hello yeah Alejandro I’m outside, Alejandro met her outside smiling from ear to ear, at first he didn’t notice but as he walked closer towards her car he noticed two young boy’s sitting in the back seat. They looked to be about three and four years old. How’s it going? Hesitant Alejandro asked, who these little dudes?
My son’s.
Oh yeah.
So where we going?
Get in and see.
Smiling Alejandro walks over to the passenger side and gets in the car,
Momma who is he?
turning around Alejandro answers,
My name Alejandro what’s your name?
Keyshawn what’s up Keyshawn.
what’s up.
and what’s your name lil man?
The younger boy didn’t answer
Ray. Momma saucy answers for him.
What’s up Ray. The little boy didn’t happy so Alejandro left him alone.
So where you taking me to?
I wanna go say hi to my friend and then we can go back to my house…
das kool…
When they pulled up to Mamma saucy’s friend house Alejandro could tell there was people in the house, from the sound it seemed like they was having a kickback inside.
Alejandro, momma saucy and her two son’s got out the car and walked to the door. Momma saucy knock four or five times before somebody answered. A dark skinned older woman answered the door, she looked to be about the same age as Momma saucy.
What’s up girl?
hey Tiffany.
stepping inside Tiffany asked who this?
My friend Alejandro.
Hi Alejandro.
how’s it going Tiffany.
These were definitely grown people up in here, Alejandro put on his grown man face quick. Some Older dude looked to be in his forties with braids, was sitting down smoking a blunt. another older girl was talking to a grown man in the kitchen, Alejandro was feeling a little out of place..all in all it was a kool atmosphere, blunts was past around, conversation was exchanged Alejandro was enjoying himself.
later on that evening after leaving Tiffany’s house Momma saucy pulls up to a store and buys some Hennessey Alcohol.
On the ride to her house her son’s had fallen asleep.
My friends thought you was funny Alejandro.
why’d they think that?
just cause your kool though.
where you stay anyway?
on the east side of town. I come to the West side so my kids can go to school. I work on the west side to so its easier.
why you don’t move to the west side? wouldn’t that be easier all the way around?.
I rather not live on the west side Alejandro. it’s to much gang shooting over here.
That’s understandable.
Upon arriving at momma saucy house Alejandro was unaware what tonight was going to be with Momma saucy. All he knew was she was kool and he liked being with her…..

Alan Thrower
DOC #AI1509


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