Angelo Vasquez

Dream Psychology. by Angelo Vasquez

I’ve been writing my dreams and my thoughts, the thoughts usually come to me while almost asleep I’ll quickly write them down before forgetting and the
thoughts of conceptions I’m not satisfied with, or know they can be honed and can yield solid answers. This nocturnal honing of conceptions often times formulates a platform or stage for a vivid dream. This dream in particular has several functions, with the step mother who takes pride in watching infants that are not hers. Literally watching the two babies cry on the floor with their soft little heads touching. I have a step mother who watched over a few infants besides her own also adopting her nephew and as to the facial distortion she had a birth defect on her upper lip. This can be definitely a logical reason as to why that imagery was given, but! I’m not satisfied with this so I’ll think of it until I am. The errand boy I can only think of old stories like The twelve labors of Hercules, or Jesus’s descent into hades. I read a lot but can an old thought or a reading of Archetypes really influence a dream so heavily?….I say yes absolutely because it enforces my opinion of thinking out a conception further before sleep influences a vivid dream. Before dreams were considered prophecy, a warning spirit, and a message from gods. I plan on digging in this dream in particular because I know my dream world very well and this feeling is new…I also plan to vigilantly explore the abyssmal depths of the subconscious and unravel the mysteries of the guardians that Rudolf Steiner speaks of. I’ll continue with the title of the dream before I go in depth of my findings.(Breath of the broken.)

Angelo Vasquez
DOC #G07505

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