Bobby Irelan

STONE CROWN by Bobby Irelan

…In these walls,
I seen her soul fade,
in these walls forgotten,
forgotten face.

Strangled — Penitent angels sigh,
inviolate oppression,
cutting thru the layers
of emaciate mind..
Shattered– Seated in the depths of fall
christened heart of a fiend.
strained fate, to deprive
… to keep.

Over, before the light had time
to find its way
from the coldest breath
of the Fathers only lie.
Forever walking beneath the towers dementality
Down drove,
Stone crown,
In these walls
Without a sound.


Of course, it would only seem natural if I were speaking of these prison walls, but I actually wrote this as an experience of a much more monolithic imprisonment.. I must express that I have this continuous feeling of sadness.. its not a depression, or a personal pity. After seemingly endless nights of analysis, I see that it is connected to my personal life only as far as my person is inseparable from the life of the world.. At least one of the deepest streams running through the center of the whole is a profound sorrow.. Its there.. And I can’t take my eyes from it.
“These walls” essentially make up the crucible of our becoming.. “Her soul” , a glance of the Oversoul. I had a dream the other night that woke me up with a picture of a protective being cradling our solar system in its vibrations.. The thing was, that its particular vibrations actually caused putrefaction. Even, the decay that threatens growth at every turn.. Death. Its vibrations actually caused death.
“Fear not them that kill the body but are unable to kill the soul, ” is the response that came to mind– and at once I realised that although the Being seemed malevolent, the vibrations it permeated our world with had a higher purpose– keeping at bay those forces of the invisible universe that can do worse than kill the body.. Its vibrations repelled those of others..
How does death of the soul even come about?

Bobby Irelan
DOC #f59719

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