Brandon Earl

Sing a new song portrayed by Brandon Earl

King David knew where to go to get right about what he had done. He asked for god’s forgiveness, and god gave it.

But David realized another profound truth forgiveness leads to joy. When we feel the release of forgiveness- that God doesn’t hold our sin against us and that. He gives us a clean slate and a clean heart-then we are free to be joyful.

When God forgives us and saves us from our sin, we’ll want to praise him and then tell others about who he is and what he has done in our lives so that they will find his forgiveness too.

How can we “sing” of God’s forgiveness? How can we praise him? What dose ” singing a new song” look like behind bars?

We can adopt a new attitude of praise in our hearts. Find psalms of prasie, memorize the verses, and use them as personal prayers during the day. Silently repeat them to god.

We must begin to act differently. Our new behavior reflects new song within us. When our actions “sing a new song,” others are going to notice-and want to join in. Instead of meaness, sing kindness In place of selfishness, share the love. People will notice. After people notice our new song, we will have to be willing and able to share with them where our new song came from- jesus’ love and forgiveness. That needs to be shared with anyone who’ll listen.

God, when I think of what you have done for me in forgiving me, I can’t help but tell others. Unseal my lips, too, so that I praise you. Amen.

Supporting scripture: Psalms 103

……God bless….

Brandon Earl
DOC #364220


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