Jerome Nobles

Introducing Jerome Nobles

Hey’friend this is Jerome (N)obles my age is 27yrs and I’ve been in prison since July 1,2010 and as of right now the court sentenced me to 18/life.I believe in God with all my heart and Ihave the sky’s the limit mind state with God all things are possible somebody who understand know those word with action are strong(!) I believe that life is what we make it as humans being’s.I’m true to myself and it will be not hard to spot and it’s a must I be myself and behave like a man at all costs.I’m here in the NOW(!)

Blog/ VALUE-what is value? value is something that is useful that’s important to us,what should we value God,love, our love one’s memories meaningful moments.What should we do with value cheris it and be thankful that we even had a moment and a red letter day for those moment’s so what do you value?and why? I’m awaiting to hear from you,yes you reading this right now, this feel so right(!)

Jerome (N)obles #629757 Warren Correctional Institution (WCI) po box 120 Lebanon, Ohio 45036/jpay

Jerome Nobles
DOC #629757


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