“Princess” By Toney R Williams

A man’s natural weakness
our kryptonite
our greatest gift
as well as our greatest curse….


When my daughter speaks, I transform into a brainless, spineless,emotional mass. my heart swells but my backbone softens and recedes deep inside my anatomy only to return when she leaves my presence or stops talking. Daughters have a way of letting their fathers know who’s in charge at a young age. They also realize their power very early on. Fathers typically understand this, we notice the shift in power and authority as it happens but we remain helpless, hopeless, and defenseless as this inevitable event takes place. The transition is that of our daughters becoming a princess while we simultaneously become, pushovers!
Stop me if I’m lying!
Where other people look at me and see a man who exhibits very little emotion,a man who is very observant and objective, a man who may even be slightly intimidating in stature, my princess looks at me and she sees 74 inches and 200 pounds of mush and emotion.

Men who believe that they don’t know how to love a woman either don’t have daughters or they haven’t properly gotten to know their daughters. I was once that guy. I am still lightyears away from being perfect and having it all figured out but the one truth I can attest to is that my daughter has taught me more about being a man than any other force on this planet!

But seriously, as a parent it would be naive to think that when raising a child, the child is the only one benefitting from our parenting. We often fail to realize that our children are molding, raising, and teaching us as well. The relationship is symbiotic, all parties stand to gain. When evaluating our purpose and priorities ,they should always be at the top of that list. I wake up everyday and make strides towards being who they NEED me to be.

Thanks for reading

Toney Williams
DOC #362721


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