Demetrius Patterson

Part 2 by Demetrius Patterson

I want to apologize for the delay, i had a dilemma. My pass word was not working. I’m back. As a teenager i caught 2 gun cases that lead me to doing a year and six months. It taught me to rebel against authority. When i was released at the age of 17, i caught a drug charge. My probation officer told me to see what happen to my drug charge. I got charged as an adult. I start doing time in an out of the sedgwick county jail, located in wichita kansas. A life time full of crime. It got real when i start catching felonies. I caught 3 personal felonies, i had to do time in the state penitentiary. I did 5 years and didn’t learn anything. I was invovled in gang fights, riots, selling drugs, i had no respect for no one or anything.

Demetrius Patterson
DOC #77608

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