Brandon Earl

Bless the Lord portrayed by Brandon Earl

Great things happen when you continually confess the mercy of god. Faith rises up on the inside of you. The reality that god loves you begins to sing through your spirit.

What’s more, it brings honor to your father when you believe his word and magnify his love an mercy. You honor him when you speak of his goodness and lovingkindness, when you talk about him as your father of love who dose only good. It blesses him when you praise him as the great god, who is eager to bless and who even gave his own son because he so loved the world.

Put his words continually on your lips. You will soon begin to experience the thrill and the joy of realizing that god is indeed “rich in mercy” because of his great love with which he loved us. Your faith will rise to new heights and your father will be blessed and you will be blessed…..Amen?

“So through Jesus we should never stop offering our sacrifice to god. That sacrifice is our praise.”- Hebrews 13:15

supporting scripture: psalms 89:1-10

……God bless……

Brandon Earl
DOC #364220


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