Fayvun Manning

“VICTOM or VICTOMIZER” by Fayvun Manning

by Ffmb Eae
When you are in the commission of committing a crime, Just when you think that you have gotten away with something, you are a victom or at that time a victomizer and most of the time we’ve already been victomized whether we ackonalage it or not.
Our past define who we will or have become taking out our supressed emotions counciously or uncounciously. Creating destruction or heaven on our world of existence. To harm means that we have already been harmed like it or not, just a thought can place you in the seat of someone who feels like they have had the whole world droped on them.
My youth was some what destructive and I comprhended the outter side of my life as a way to pleasure myself not caring who or whom I have harmed thinking that, that way of thinking was the right way of thinking.
I was not aware of love I could’nt reconize it even if it was on my back, I did’nt know how to cope with it hell I barely could spell my name and that was at the age of maybe 10 years old.
I was tought to steal, smoke, drink, be disrespectful and hateful and I love that side of life at that time, that was my way of life. Just that small part of my life I can say that I was being victomized and didn’t even know it.
My past have made me who I AM today because I have had the time to grow, reflect, study, and know myself the good self. My abilities and purpose in life. I have taken a life there fore I will not be able to enjoy my own and thats my foundation everything I do I do for the next man and women and it make me feel like I belong in this world.
All I can do is say I AM sorry for all the wrong, all the bad that I have caused, I AM sorry for all the hurt that I have brought upon others, I AM sorry for not being able to fix myself before the crimes that I have commited,
I AM SORRY and with that I would like to say that I AM just your Brother

Fayvun Manning
DOC #68174

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