Colby Benally

Poem #1 and #2 by Colby Benally

“Do you love me like you say you do?
Let me know what I mean to you……
To me your like a breath of fresh air
I want to show you how much I care
If I could I would give you the world
It be only the best for my baby girl
Don’t ever think that my love is untrue
My heart is kept specifically for you”

“I promised I’d love her forever
Told her we’d make it together
Now she’s gone, adios, goodbye
Never to return so why even try?
Why do I still love her very much?
She could heal with just her touch
She’ll always be my best friend
I promised I’d love her until the end”

Colby Benally
DOC #332666

Categories: Colby Benally, poems

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