Angelo Vasquez

Hopeless Existence, by Angelo Vasquez

I can’t even remember how I got here,everything is such a dam blur it didn’t matter I know that’s for sure none of it mattered!I take my life serious though I know I’m a joke…why would I ever want to influence you to be just like me?Why would you look at me? And why would I speak to you?
I’m selfish though it takes all my logic not to donate my heart…I’m sinking in a abandoned ship…I’m falling a part .How can I hold back my rage when everyone it seems has no manners!They’ll walk right through you!
I always did like to stare…I didn’t care if you noticed me,I the ugly piece of filth dare to stare at all you’ve become…it was in pity.
I never liked anyone,I didn’t want attention.I craved to be alone…because I was always doing something wrong.What else can I confess!?I kicked a puppy when I was ten!Get over it!I saw a dead body the same year, a little girl wrapped in a blanket!People just stared!What else could be done?You took everything away from her even if she lived she wouldn’t know how to be! thank you society you bunch of normal citizens.when I was four years old a dog almost ripped my hand off and all I wanted to do was pet it again.Dude,bro, homie you think I don’t know none of this shit makes sense?
Like I haven’t been random my whole life?Who cares about what anything means?Who cares if you feel anything?I’m a suicidal hypocrite too vain not to tell you about it.It doesn’t matter what you do,or how it’s done the understanding of life hasn’t begun,it’s still nothing like me and the dead kid in the blanket.I’m not even trying I’m just sincerely nihilistic.What else is there to say?Some bathe in the fen of socially established moralities…I crawl away with disdain,so I guess you can’t except the unexceptable…neither can I ….like I said,it was in pity.

Angelo Vasquez
DOC #G07505

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