Temple Bravo

“Bridging the Gap”, by: Temple Bravo

A just society that leads to safer streets. Why is it that such dreams are so elusive? Are we asking for too much, or maybe, we’re just going about it the wrong way? Our politicians have been tasked with this problem for decades, some have taken the route of tough on crime, and have presented legislation as such. Yet, they have all fallen short of bringing about safer streets for our children.
The United States of America currently has the largest prison population in the world, with a budget of over 80 billion dollars footed by tax payers. Ask yourself, then why are our streets still so dangerous? Some will continue to say, “we need more prisons!”, “we need more police officers!”, “we need tougher judges!” All of which has been done countless times without much result. What is needed, is a different approach.
Consider this, a person commits a nonviolent crime, that person is 21 years old and has two children. Because of the tough on crime policy, that individual is sentenced to twenty years. His/her children, one being two and the other three year old. That parent is taken away from those kids at a times when they are still impressionable. Coming home twenty years later, too late to impact their lives in a positive way. By the time most parents make it home, in many cases, their children have already gotten caught up with the Justice System.
Society must implement a more humane justice system, one that ends the cycle of parent, child, and grandchildren serving prison sentences.
What so many people in our society fail to realize and tap into, is the role that the prison population must play in bringing about the end to that cycle and bringing about safer streets. Some people take for granted that, even the most hardened prisoner desires safer streets for their family and loved ones. So, the question arises, how can people of good will tap into that reservoir? By building bridges between prisoners and people of good will.
We have to implement alternative sentences for nonviolent prisoners. And implement programs that will grant a prisoner parole after completion of programs. Furthermore, we have to have regular sit downs with politicians and the public and play a role in reaching our troubled youths. And lastly, we have to have sit downs with victims of crimes, in the hope of healing each other, and in turn, our nation. We have to do these things if we are to build a brighter tomorrow.
Thank you for your time, and may God bless you and yours.

Temple Bravo
DOC #1190151

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