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What Would You Do: Interactive Blog by Stephen Newman

I thought it would be fun to let YOU decide how you would react to various situations that an inmate encounters in prison. From time to time I will give you a tricky scenario that most inmates have faced. Leave comments here with what you would do and why.

You arrive to prison, and get moved into a 2-man cell. Your cellmate is in bed, watching TV. He is 6’3″, 250 pounds, muscular, and his shaved head is tattooed with devil horns. He shakes your hand, says it’s nice to meet you, offers you a cup of coffee which you accept (since you havent had a chance to order commissary yet) and gives you his rules. Don’t spill anything down onto him from the top bunk, don’t sit with your feet hanging down, don’t wear shoes on your bunk, dont clip your toenails in bed, and he says the cell has to be swept and mopped every morning, because he hates “all these dirtballs that never clean.” Why would anyone want to live like that?

At 2 am, he is lightly snoring. You have to pee from all that coffee. You’re locked in a cell, but there’s a toilet next to your bed. You try to hold it in until he wakes up for breakfast, but by 3 am you’re squirming and you know you can’t wait any longer. You face away from him and pee quietly into the toilet, hoping that the c.o. (guard) doesn’t look in the cell window with a flashlight as you’re peeing (that would be awkward, right?!). You finish, and pull your boxers back up. You stand there momentarily, unsure of what to do next. You know if you flush the toilet, the loud industrial flush will certainly wake your cellmate up. But if you just leave the pee in the toilet, it may or may not start to stink.

What would you do, and why? Leave your comments here.

Stephen Newman
DOC #90843


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