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Trying to find out more about the T-5 Mustangs By Bryce Halsey

Hello to all, Yesterday was my first time blogging ever, so I figured I try it a second time.

I am looking for more information about the T-5 mustangs. I have bin in only one T-5 when I was 8 years old, and fell in love.This is some of what I know. In Germany, Ford found that Krupp, the steel company that had once provided industrial muscle and armaments to Hitler’s war machine, had trademarked the name Mustang for a line of heavy-duty trucks it produced from 1951 to1964. Kreidler, a manufacturer of motorcycle and scooters from 1951 to 1983, also had registered the name for one of its off-road two-wheelers, which further complicated Ford’s effort to sell Mustangs to Germany, so Ford replaced all ”Mustang” badging on the cars with ”T-5” emblems.

well, I hope some one can find and send me more information about the cars, and a photo of it.

Bryce Halsey
DOC #858527

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