( story time, chapter #1 ) BY KODY OSCO

“~” LOKO “~” tires cherping, as triona locks up the breaks skidding to a stop in the duplex driveway. ” Dam bitttt—– “” ” shut the fuck up K9K, and come help me get these groceries!!” slumping back down in his chair. “K9K what the fuck ? thaught you would of come down and helped me out.. “”. “” sorry i was really thinking about what we found the other day .””. “” what the fuck are you talking about K9K??””. you know the other day girl when we were fighting. like we have been the past 6-9 months, I really been thinking about what you said about doing something to spice our marriage back up, so here taking triona by the hand close them eyes girl ?” ” what the fuck K9K. I’m tired!’ ” wait girl trust me I been slacking , I’m ready girl to turn up, swinging around behind triona keep’em shut girl.., OOOOAWWW lightly blowing in her ear as he’s whispering the night he has planned.. “” let’s serf the inter net for a swinger party, running his hands down triona’s stomach holding her in tight, lightly swaying, when you open your eye’s your gonna see our ship and we need you to drive us in the right direction, I’m take care of all the refreshments, you game ‘ “0h dam you always know how to make me feel so special K9K I’ll always love that about you, truth is I’ve already been researching, In hopeee——“. ” SHHHSSHHHHH!!! I love these lips triona so soft, like little pillows of sugar. leaning Inwards for a quick passionate kiss, now jump in the driver seat, fire this ride up, ” ” I can ‘t believe you went to all this trouble?” “triona I just don’t wanna lose what we have, we worked so hard, been through so much, to not try anything to save our marriage.. here girl !”. ” what’s this? just a little whine, you know to get loose hihihihihi, ?”. “” yeah loose OK K9K!! “”
hours go by and they drink into their second bottle of whine, both plenty drunk and really into cracking the codes of what the other is willing to try..
“OOOHHHAAWWW YEAH! this could be us bae?, there’s a gathering just 9 blocks from here in two weeks, and there’s open spots left we could fill these spots.?”. ” what do they ask for ? ” simple little app and some signature rules ?” what rules?”. yeah 1st never fall In love with a play mate, you know all the basics to avoid drama!!””. let’s do it but I don’t want you feeling some type way, if this dream don’t turn out like their selling it on this site, and the first couple swings we do, I wanna be present, !'”. ” you don’t trust me ?”. ” no girl I don’t trust him, plus I wanna watch your sexy ass in action , “. ” you getting freaky in your old age boy, know I’ve always been freaky just shy hihii now hurry up I bought you a gift a spicy gift! “” “” really ?, your joking, K9K what has gotten into you?”
Triano straddles K9K, sitting on his stomach as he lay on his back on the floor in front of the couch,
“. what is it give me a hint BAE ?” ” OK you won’t need your shirt on to receive this gift?”
triona slowly pulls her shirt up and over her head and arms, shaking her breast , about in her work bra. enticing K9K ,his eyes light up
” I’m ready for my second clue BAE?” ” you sure won’t need that bra either?
triona falls back archig her stomach outward breast upward , right hand squeezing and rubbing them as she’s twerking , her hips about. K9K pulls out the box from under the couch. triona is so caught up in the heat of the moment, feeling extremely loose from the whine…
“oh K9K you got me a complete set , yeah girl I figure if were gonna do this then we better go ham or go home, plus you seen them woman In them advertisements?, I’ve done some homework to, all I’m saying is I love you and am extremely honored to say your my wife, I wanna make sure you shine girl. like the trophy you are, with your fine ass. honestly I can’t wait?, now try this on let’s polish that trophy, girl ?”. “”oh yeah be right back?… “”
K9K sits up on the couch waiting for triona, polishes off another glass of whine, hearing the door he gets extremely excited.
“dam girl you look the roll then some,!”. “twerling in slow circle’s in front of K9K , you like it babe?, ” yeah!” “” OK wanna play tugging K9K shorts and boxers off all of him springs out, oh my you really are excited,”
triona mounts up over K9K locking her knees in the seems of the couch, her soft sexy ass resting on K9K’s thighs all 8″ of him nestled in between her legs, yet up against her.. she use,s this position to tease and rev K9K up.. he holds triona at her hips, watching his wife caught up in the moment of her outfit. she twerks and grinds , shaking her cleavage in K9K’s face he blows and shakes his face back.
” I love when you get all spicey towards me triona?” ” I love when you splurge me with gifts”
kicking up on her knees triona slide’s the panties to the side falling effortlessly down onto K9K’s throbbing rock, he leans inward holding her tight as he feels her warm wet inner walls surround him, once her soft cheeks come to rest on K9K’s thighs she is in complete control of this session, grabbing his hands inner locking them with her’s she pins them to the top of the couch, leaning inward
” you feel that bae? ” ” AW—AWWWW!!” ” OH BABY BOY HE FEELS SO GOOD!,”
she leans in to begin her assault of passionate kisses, she lightly pounces and grinds her hips, and can feel K9K’s inability to focus and keep up with the rythm of her kissing. she quickly begins thrusting her hips, in that sexy inticing manner which drives K9K beyond control as he yells out triona goes along with her mans climax she has become pretty good at faking the moment, but he did put forth all this extra effort..
laying in each others arms they fall asleep. end (1)

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