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Phycological tyranny by Random King

Depending on your level of awareness my interpratation of this theory may seem factual,or seem based off feelings,but the truth remains everyone is effected phycologicaly.
Incarceration has shaped me into a stronger being mentally. On the physical aspects, it balances out because the absents of living creates underderstanding which brings forth how we should really live. What is life? What does it mean to live? These are questions i ask myself on a regular basis , i feel its much more than just having gasps of air by breathing everyday. Physical restraints is only temporary what remains forever is the perception of how we see each other and ourselves. We are at war the system is part of the blame but we have ben tricked because of ignorance. When i say the system its the cause and effect of our behavior, and habits that have occured by us not understanding whats real, we have been minipulated an oppressed awareness is key.
Imagine yourself waking up everyday thinking about how your going to spend the rest of your life, will i live a ife of mental darkness affraid to open my eyes because i no longer will be blind, or will the weight be lifted of my shoulders knowing i will once again take a breath of fresh air. The Stage of Contemplation: Sometimes making right decisions can be the hardest thing to do. Decisions are not always based upon what you want to do, they should be determined by priorities. As we begin to be aware of unconscious thoughts our decisions become clear. Most of our decisions are based of impulses (how we feel at the moment). Rational thinking is mandatory in order for us to have complete thoughts. A complete though is a decision weigh by options. Obstacles will be set in place either before or after your final decisions is made. Learn how to balance the mind using concepts of process of ilimination this helps you determine the best choice. Dont let the wrong decision hinder you. We all have natural talents one that is misused is our instincts. Intillect is a weakness for most having the ability to think abstractly or profoundly can only be increased with practice.
Taking time to look around what i see is lost souls playing games of chess while losing in the game of life. What does it mean to really lose and win? Losing does not always mean failure, its only temporary with a second chance to win again. Your past does not equal your future,so prepare your self for failure. With failure comes success. Wining is a feeling you get when you achomplish a goal, life is a feeling process.
We are at war with ourselves based on decesions we continue to make. Continually being indecisive about what we want. Make a decision to figure out what you want, then pursue it passionately. We will always be at a stand still until we leave where we are by making the decision to where we would rather be. Procrastiination is a obstacle you set upon yourself. Goals that matter should never be put to the side.
There are two primary choices in life: We can accept conditions as they exist or accept the responsibility and change them. The Stage of Forgiveness: In order for us to move forward their are things we must give up. Our mind state must change instead of making excuses we need to make better decisions istead of blaming others for our mistakes. The prison label and the phycological conditions that exist in our conscious mind has become a norm but that does not mean its acceptable. People tend to look over positive points by replacing them with negative ones.
Your perception is usually a key point in your decision making. When we understand perception our views and visions become clear. No longer do we make decions from and emotional stand point, we make them from a properly processed thought.
The unjust and cruel punishment that we apply is self imposed, we have the power to determine our future but continue to follow programs that brainwash and institute us. We are being controlled but the true power is in us to control ourselves. In life we face many conflicts and most of them have positive and negative potential. It can be a source of inspiration, joy, enlightment, or prosperity this is some types of positive potential. On the opposite side of things you have fear, shame and the lack of determination. The choice is always made by us not our opponents.
INTEGRITY; rise above limitations that are set against you, everyone should have a sense of completeness or soundness.Personal integrity generates trust and this is the basis of any relationship. Lack of integrity can undermine almost any effort to create high trust accounts in business you want to be trusted espically when dealing with money. Integrity goes beyond being honest we need to keep promises and fulfill expectations. This requires a oneness with self but also with life.
FEAR; is also a limitation we set upon ourself, in order for us to move forward we must give this up. So many people today impose fear in everything they do.They fear the future, their in fear of losing thier jobs not being able to take care of their families. We are living a continious cycle of being vulnerable. I feel in order to get rid of (f.e.a.r) you have to be principle centered. When you make this shift your thinking changes completely, so you act different. When you have a high sense of security, guidence, wisdom, and power that flows from a solid core. You have now created a foundation of a proactive and effective life. Fear has to be elimitated completely. Experience is the best teacher but we must analyze and break down situations to understand these experiences.To understand what we go through we must first consider why we are apart of these systems and programs?We have no idea of our identity we impose limitations on ourselves.How do we break away from these chains that have trapped our minds?

DOC #518-691

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