John M. Bale

#free John Bale

Hi my name is John M. Bale, I’m a black male and or a African American. I just turned (35) in prison January 24th. I was born 1983 I’ve been in prison for Six years now for having a firearm and running from two police officers. I was sentenced to (490) months in prison. I feel that I was wrongfully convicted and I feel that I should include some facts about my case.
1. No officer was harmed
2. No officer was shot
3. No trigger pulled
4. No bullet was found in chamber
5. No firearm was pointed directly at any officer during the police takedown.
6. I had a signed court order to use Kitsap county jails law library to properly defend myself and the jail refused me access, which was open to none pro-se inmates. Then when I lost my trial and being shipped to prison the superintendent of Kitsap county jail allows me library access.
I have wrote and typed over 200 letters to many groups, attorneys, and advocates only to be turned away.

I have taken my case threw all appeals by myself. I prevailed on one of the (3) charges and position of a stolen firearm was dismissed. So the other (2) charges left are (2) counts of first degree assaults.
I’m really looking for Justice and for a person whom would believe in my story and help free me. I will be applying for a reduction of time in (4) years. I need a support group and a advocate group to help free me. If my story tugs on your heart and you’re willing to help my injustice please go on open a account enter my full name:
1. John M. Bale
2. then enter my inmate #845543
3. after that befriend me
I thank you for your time and please reach out to me threw and or by U.S. mail at the address below:

John M. Bale #845543
Stafford Creek correction center
191 constantine way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

Thank you again!
John Bale.


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