Brandon Earl

Compassion in Action – portrayed by Brandon Earl

Compassion. That’s the one thing people need more than anything else in this world. They need someone to reach out to them with the compassion of god.

Compassion is a deep yearing that responds to the needs of people. It’s much deeper than sympathy. Sympathy can just sit around feeling sorry for someone. Compassion has to do something for them.

Compassion is what motivates god, and Jesus’ life on earth was a picture of that compassion in action. His whole ministry was driven by it. It was compassion that caused him to multiply the loaves and fishes, heal the sick, cast out demons and raised the dead. It was compassion that compelled him to go to the cross. AND IT’S THAT SAME COMPASSION THAT HE NOW LONGS TO POUR OUT THROUGH YOU. That’s a staggering thought, isn’t it?

It’s staggering to realize that we believers are the only body Jesus has on this earth now. His healing must flow though our hands and our faith. His compassion is enough to move and compel us to cast out demons and set the captives free.

Your probably saying to yourself ” I don’t have that kind of compassion” If you have the spirit of god dwelling inside of you, you do – because he is that kind of love ! You simply need to activate it.

How? Just like Jesus did when he walked the earth. Through prayer and fellowship with the father. Look through the Gospels and notice how much time Jesus spent alone with the father. That time activated the compassion of god within him. It caused him to feel what god feels about the suffering of mankind. It stirred him so much that whenever he encountered a need. He met it by the power of god.

Let’s follow his example. Spend time in fellowship with those less fortunate . Ponder on gods compassion until it rises up strong on the inside of you. Jesus has sent us to reach out and touch a love-starved world with his compassion.

“Jesus saw the many people and was moved with compassion on them. Because they where worried and helpless-like sheep without a Shepherd to lead them.” – Matthew 9:36

Supporting scripture: Mark 6:32-46

………God bless……

Brandon Earl
DOC #364220

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