Alan Thrower

THE EDGE by Alan Thrower

by one god
I’m at the edge ready to jump, just one leap looking from the peak, high above me I see hurting faces in the strangest places confusion and racist but wait, as I look to my side I hear one’s cry at the blink of an eye it’s to late, another lost soul stories to unfold my destiny is here the end being near while living in fear from depression and leer by peers and loved one’s brother’s, sister’s and cousins you can’t trust em so to hell with them all. Imprisoned having divine vision, reality isn’t what it seems anymore I’m hurt, diverged in a world of anger, me being in danger, I think I’m loosing my mind where can I go to find, my search is already found being under the ground next to that perfect man my life is in his hands, everyone has a plan I’m gone.

Alan Thrower #AI1509


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