Kody Osco


first I hate chomo’s they always have some excuse why their not guilty, but I’ve become very good at exposing the front stories they hide behind,
(EXAMPLE). just ask them a simple question, “did you take a plea deal?” when they answer yes, its alway’s followed by because. here’s the kicker, there is one thing that knowone wants to be labeled in prison, a sexual predator.
I mean its simple math, if someone accuses you of something you know in your heart you didn’t, do why would one even entertain negotiations, I know this if I know I didn’t do something, the state could come to me hollering,” if I didn’t take this deal they were gonna hang me in town square, I’d ask for the rope so I could tie it up.flat out so when these chomo’s get to lying I put them on blast.IT’s sicking how these maggots get cattered to and all they do is cry and hide behind excuses.. Nasser is the perfect example, to set the bar that this is inexcusable, the penalties for his action is nothing compared to the damaged he riddled throughout. it’s a nightmare that will echo for decades to come.. this is my out look, they should tie 3 foot leash around his neck line all his victims up give each one a box, with a dozen rocks In it , until he truly understands and is crying and begging for mercy he didn’t show, and another rock hits him in the head, if he lives then toss him in prison if he dies put his body in the basket hanging so others will know. this man of all men knew, swore to protect and help people and did the opposite. their are far to many in prison for sex related crimes.. this is an issue that is leading to many problems down the rode….. these people that have this sickness.. they create these storms in peoples lives that always lead one into the dark.

DOC #640807

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