Giovanni Emilio Ma'Bon

Poem.(CumAgain) By.. Don Giovanni Emilio

I Felt you came again,i mean yo body language it’s so eloquent.This our second round,dont have no etiquette.Shawty so flawless,i drink it str8 out her faucet,i wash my face in her waters.She call me daddy,no daughters.Pullin her hair from the back,we made a bet who gone tap,we str8 down the middle w/that.I moved her out of them jets,now she just visit the traps.She wanted out w/them lossers so i stole her heart like a looter but she think i’m a booster.Now i’m her personal tutor,she learnt alot from the rumor’s.I put her up to the test,she know her rights from her left plus she not concerned w/who next.Our chemisrty is amazing.I wonder how far we’ll take it.Shawty on top of a pedestal,she light up a whole room.She gone take up the afternoon.She tell me to keep it in like a curfew.Love is a two way street for us,it’s no deadend.We F#*K all day until the sun CumAgain.. Don Giovanni Ma’Bon#AF4276 P.O. Box 5242. Corcoran Ca,93212 E-mails at For more info or poem @Don Giovanni Emilio Ma’Bon

Giovanni Ma’Bon
DOC #AF4276

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