Giovanni Emilio Ma'Bon

Poem:(ItStillHurts) By DonGiovanniEmilio

My pain running deeper than an ocean,perception is the lowest form of knowledge still i stand w/this notion.My father was a rollinstone ,i’m just watchin out for who throws it.Love & hate is jealousy though we balance the potion. Rats & roaches i persever w/the hopeless.I forgave enough to be forgiven,we allowed eachother to be forgotten.Eviction notice posted she aint notice?Locked heart but love still broke in,it’s so hard to get the feelings back once their stolen.I desired to be a loner, a bond must have alliance.I provied the truth you focused on lieing.I paid attention now i’m happy for the thoughts i bought or still buying.Shawty it wont be the same,living in the fast lane.Love is just a hard race,my love was at the finish line,you lost it for the first time.Excuse me if it’s difficult for you to keep up w/my lingo when i say life is just a gamble which means love is a casino.It’s safe to say i swoped out my aim now hopefully you feel my pain. Don Giovanni Ma’Bon #AF4276 P.O Box 5242 Corcoran Ca,93212… for e-mails for more info @Don Giovanni Emilio Ma’Bon

Giovanni Ma’Bon
DOC #AF4276


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