Stephen Newman

Married At First Sight by Stephen Newman

This guy, Ryan, on Married at First Sight, is so annoying!! He never stops talking. I don’t see how Jaclyn can stand him. Jaclyn is by far my favorite of the three women, with her natural beauty, brown hair, and laid back personality. I’m sad that she is stuck with such a blabbermouth.

The show fascinates me. Am I totally insane because I would agree to marry a complete stranger that someone matched me with?

I just have a feeling that two strangers who agree to marry at first sight have about the same odds of a long-term, happy marriage as a couple who dated a year before marriage. In fact, two strangers might even make a better marriage. If nothing else, you’d know that both you and your partner are adventurous, willing to take risks, and not afraid of the unknown. I think both people would try harder to make the marriage work. And honestly I think it would be fun! Plus, you skip all the dating and bullshit…and let’s face it….how many of you have wasted years of your life dating this guy and that guy and this other guy….always seeking “the one” and never finding him? It’s like being in a car and everyone is asking “where do you want to go for lunch?” “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” “Whatever sounds good to you is cool with me.” “Do you think Mexican or sandwiches or should we just get coffees?” “Hmm…I don’t know…”

You’ve been there. I know I have. My former employee, Travis, couldn’t make a decision if his life depended on it. Isn’t it easier when the decision is made for you? “We’re eating at Pizza Hut.” Or, “This is your new wife, Deanna.” SO much easier, right? I think so. One of my favorite quotes says that the irony of committment is that it’s deeply liberating. Once you commit to something, your mind is no longer stuck with a whirlwind of thoughts and hesitations. Instead of worrying about “is he the one?” simply make him the one, and make it work! It makes sense. I read somewhere that arranged marriages in India have a much lower divorce rate than traditional marriages.

I’d like to add that this season of 60 Days In is surprisingly realistic. My cellmate and I both commented on the guy who had smeared boogers on the wall next to his bed. When he moved out and a new guy moved into his spot, he found dried boogers all over the wall next to his pillow. Those are the types of things that really happen in prison but that most prison reality shows don’t depict.

Stephen Newman
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