Bryce Halsey

Introducing Bryce Halsey

my name is Bryce Halsey. I am 38 years old. I spent most of my life in a little town called Asotin, wa. Its located in the southeast most corner of Washington. I attend high school in Asotin and lived on my family’s farm.

After high school I enrolled in a wyotech mechanics program where I excelled. I always had a passion for cars, wyotech strengthen that love.
After graduating from wyotech, I went back to help grand dad with the family farm. My vast knowledge in mechanics was a big help on the farm in caring from all the equipment.

In 2003, I was handed down a lengthy sentence. I am set to release in 2054. In prison I became a self-taught artists, everything from pencil to paint along with handcrafted jewelry boxes. My mom continues to be a big support and is always interested in my progress in here. I firmly believe that people can come full circle and learn from what ever life throws at them.

Bryce Halsey
DOC #858527

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