Kody Osco


I’VE always compared myself to a shark , mostly because sharks swim in the deep water, they always bite hard and swim fast. I only swim with woman side by side “because were equal” I only get caught up in the trouble’s of life when swimming in the shallow waters of my home reef. all these unwanted tagger fish clinging to my belly..
but this old shartk is sick of bitting hard and swimming fast, I’m ready to to swim in slow circles and nibble softly. I’m so confused with the two woman I. currently write both sharks I’ve swam side by side with in the deep waters and know they are down for the ride or dye. situations that happen In the deep waters.. but are they ready to swim in slow circles
but this new man I’ve found, has needs I’,m not to proud to say I need help I need a strong filter to help the water passing through my gills. s
most of the time I wonder if I’m making a choice based on my lust full desires and not being that good at understanding what my heart is trying to tell me something that me be common sense.. the closer I get to my release I get nervous and uneasy feeling. this world is changing me , where I use to be ugly selfish and dark , always swimming for my own interest with the exception of two woman , I just want a chance to explore these new waters I swim lonely through. I welcome any one 18 and older of all races , from all countries to hit me up via jpay.com or snain mail W.C.I. p.o. box -120 Lebanon Ohio- 45036 it wouldn’t matter to me if one was cripple, old, or at the top of their world what i ‘m Iooking for are people with the door to their heart open. sometimes I guess one must be able to accept swimming away from everything to ensure a dream.

KODY osco
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