Christopher Davis

by Christopher Davis

Passed couple of days have been the worst days that one could imagine! I woke up yesterday(Friday) telling myself that today was going to be a good day. Something that I tell myself as motivation. In this enviornment you have to do what you can to stay focused. Anyway by 1030 while at work and being somewhat overwhelmed I am called to meet with one of my supervisers. I have a pass to go to the Chaplains office and we all know what that details. At the time I wasn’t for sure being that I was dealing with other issues that had to be addressed by the Chaplain I was holding out for the best. Once i got to the Chaplains office it was plain to see why I was there. Unfortunately my number 1 lady, my biggest fan and top supporter, the only woman who’s ever loved my totally, completely and unconditionally had passed away at the young, beautiful age of 79. My heart sunk and it’s still sinking! The reality hasn’t really set in and I’m not sure if it ever will!
I’ve been keeping in mind the words that she’d always tell me “THE LORD ALWAYS HAS A PLAN!” I believed her then and I believe her even more so now. The one thing she wanted for me more than anything was to come home! I will continue the journey with her guiding my way!! I LOVE YOU DOTTIE MAE DAVIS!!

Christopher Davis
DOC #55187

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  1. I am sorry for your loss of this fine and beloved women in your day to day life. She is still there though. She has moved on to the realm of God where the troubles of the world can not touch her anymore. She has faced the sting of death and now she rests in peace. She will rise again, but know this–she lives even now. Is she aware right now? I do not know. Perhaps. Maybe. If you are living in Christ and doing His will, she may be aware of that. I do not know. It’s possible. But this I do know–through the grace of Jesus Christ you will see her again one day. Stay strong. Be humble and serve Jesus. God Bless you Christopher. Read the Bible and learn of Him.


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