Steve Anderson


I’m hoping you can grow from my word’s, and that
there giving you a better understanding, or some
kind of guidance out of an “ituation” that you may
think has no ending..

To Proceed :
The pot was, always clay starting at the beginning of time..

The presentation of the deliverance of truth arises on many different issues, matter’s, problems and “ituations”..

Sometimes they only comes with one answer, it’s your responsibility to analyze the equation with the best of your abilities to seek out the
hidden treasures of knowledge and understanding that’s within the issues, matters, and “ituations”, or any questionables that may arise..

When communicating let your presentation of your words be in truth, with the deliverance of the fullness of abbreviation within your talk..

Once again one of the great sayings of the old heads is ~
( mean what you say and say what you mean)..

When speaking be short winded..

Straight to the point people with the truth, the tongue is so very
powerful one of the leading tools of communication, it creates the bad aspects of life, and it rewards many of us with understanding and
knowledge, it gives direction within life..

With sounded facts, understanding can be understood, if the persons deliverance is from sound understanding with knowledgeables on top, much will be gained for both party’s..

It’s many levels to understanding, but the delivering of understanding, let it be done with your best knowledgeable abilities..

[In Saying : I’m All In – I’ll do What I Can – Give What I Can, And be all I can]..

The best part is, the truth don’t come with additives of any parts
of untruth, drag, dramatization or anykind of reckless thoughts or words..

It’s always delivered in respect to honesty and the person your speaking with and first and foremost respect for yourself..

When a person take away from the think time, to add additives to
the equation, it only weakens the truth in the direction of uncertainty..

Challenging “ituations” are opportunities for our deepest inner growth that goes on within ourselves, it’s of importance during challenging times..

Using all painful “ituations” to your advantage, never being the person to
be wailing (WHY ME)..

A lot of people live in their thoughts of their mind, and accordingly
to those thoughts many of you experience pain or pleasure, enmity, jealousy, pride..

It’s many other conditions, a person being afraid, lonely, happy, confused, unliked, unloved all starting with your thought’s that also add to creating
and developing of your feelings that shapes your beliefs, morals and values..

It’s also very imperative that you surround yourself with people who will respect you and all your rights of your laws: (meaning values, morals, and feelings fulltime not part)..

It’s never going to work letting people call you every name your
mother didn’t give you, or to let anyone take advantage or to
damage any of your personal property, don’t need to be apart of
your world..

And without a doubt you should extend the same loyalty, respect, when speaking or dealing with other people.. staying in your lane and not other
people, that’s apart of having a life living and dealing with what’s going
on in yours, minding your own business..

[I’m hoping all is enjoying this peice that I have prepared for the people]..

~And yes I know this blog is long just as my other
ones are, I do plan today to really work on shorten all my next
pieces from here on out..

Please give your time to leaving your opinions, thoughts, all feelings are welcome, even just to say hello has much meaning..THANK YOU..

You must be a witness when your thoughts are on the highway doing
99, in the 55, zone, cause many of them have no rights to
getting any airtime at all, the ego will do you dirty and it’ll
show other people your not focused about yours and that’s being unbalance..

The quality of your direction out at sea or be so on dryland is very imperative.

This subject is mostly about the field of your thought process, this issue
is surrounding the area of your thinking which transmits the actual experiences of a person talking or the action that’s displaying..

When words come from a clear state of mind they have the power
to pull a persons mind in the direction of learning something new, or
to receiving a better understanding..

The experience of self is not limited to just one person, it’s one
of the best learning experiences a person can be apart of, due to
the fact it gives you all the tools to knowing and understanding yourself, and not to getting played by your ego or the next person..

To respecting yourself is to walk in that fashionable style , by doing so
other people will do so also, it’s a wonderful feeling having other people follow your lead due to the positiveness that’s within..

Just as if your sitting in a field and the sun was bright, you
sitting on the grass quietly in the sunlight in a field there is nothing
for you to do, nothing expected of you, no weight of responsibility
nothing to live up to..

To live up to these qualities relate directly to experiencing the truth
of the present moment..

A person should know that the effect always exists in the cause, and
that without the cause there is no effect, this is explained in the
Vedanta by the example of the clay pot, the cause of the clay
pot after the clay becomes a pot..

Even when the pot breaks into pieces, a person still has to stay
in the present moment of truth, the pot is still clay in smaller pieces…


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