“Relationships from Within” by Matthew Shepherd

They say its easier to do time without a woman, but all I can think about is finding one that I can get to know and with time she may possibly become something more. I have love from my mother, love from my sister, love from my daughters, and love from my nieces and I cherish all of them. So there isn’t a lack of love. But what about the other love? The one that keeps you looking forward to the next call. The one that leaves butterflies in your stomach on visitation day. I’ve joined penpal sites to meet new people, asked other inmates to “hook me up” with someone and yes I’ve met a few people men and women. All the guys are gay and want a relationship and I’m flattered but as soon as I tell them I’m straight I don’t hear from them again. I don’t judge and I’m not only looking for love, I also want to meet positive people regardless of their sexual preference, race, gender, or culture. I’ve only met a couple of women and am still in contact with them but they are in other countries. I guess where I’m going with this is how come more women don’t use the prison penpal sites as a way to find available guys? I understand there are cons out there, people trying to get your money. But what about all the free dating sites out there? Don’t you run into cons there too? A women has to worry about meeting a stalker or someone just trying to sleep with them and never call. My point is ; on each platform you have risks. If you are truly looking to get to know someone without the pressure of sex and all of the other free – world distractions who better than someone all that stuff has been stripped from? I mean really get to know them. They say writing is the purest form of communication. And when you meet someone thats behind the walls you’re meeting that person clear minded and sober (well most of the them). America uses the prison system like a business therefore a lot of people are incarcerated every year. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of people that are here that belong here. On the other hand you have a lot of people that are free that shouldn’t be. Right?

Matthew Shepherd
DOC #1117588

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