Steve Anderson


I never stated I know everything, and I’m not old in age,
I feel like a person talks themselves into that state of
mind with the assistance from folksy PEOPLE]..

I’m cool I really don’t need them kind of additives to
my life, I’m in love with creating and developing
understanding while seeking knowledge as I uphold
the law’s of patience, good things comes to those
who are patiently AWAITING]..

We were all given a name please use mine, I’m not in
need of adding any of your accessories to my NAME]..

If you feel the same with the statement above, then
upholding that law should be second NATURE]..

Spoken with the upmost respect, done with the
correct correctness, never with laughter or what a
person wish to try adding their great false ideals to
your life or name, not COOL]..

If your living your life be about that “yours,” it’s only
one of you so don’t waste time, and yes time goes by
fast and will not wait on anything on this EARTH]..

People will respect you more with the fact you mind
your own business, and not up in everyones ELSE’S]..

To Proceed :
Despite all we know about shame, containing it, let alone
Disposing of it, it’s like grasping for things out of your reach,
thats only if a person is (without knowledge)..

That’s what it’ll feel like not knowing what to do, being
without knowledge causes a person to become unsure and
unbalanced in making sound decisions, it’s a danger to
themselves and others people.that’s around them..

People being unknowledgeable will automatically turn an
“ituation” into a person catching the deadliest disease called
“self in flicked retardation”, it’s dangerous because it affects a
persons thoughts and thinking process..

Being ignorance is free and knowledge is power, street
knowledge makes things happen faster, but basic knowledge
and understanding makes thing last a lifetime, a foundation
built with loyalty, integrity, respect, characteristics with law’s..

Due to the serious damage thats placed on a persons self-
esteem and life obligations when shame is not addressed in the
correct fashion, knowledge is needed to confront this shame
successfully in disposing of this “ituation” that resides within
a person, it become toxic over time..

(in the lab)~

People in assisting another person with shame on any
level, you will still need the knowledge-able’s, not having
will for sure leave a person in a worst state of mind..

It should be integrating cause more and more people
are talking about this “ituation” due to the fact it has
the power to hold you back from all or some of your
greatest achievement’s, and goal’s..

It’s present and activity are undesirable to one’s life just as
are your seemingly impotent tactics for addressing it..

Many of us are sitting with, shame right now, or have you
blocked that incident in the dark conner of your mind, and it
still gets airtime right*?* it just pops up hay remember this*?
can’t run from it..


If not, well eventually I’ll make it way to center stage within
your life, if not directly well people shame moves indirectly also, it’s
cure is self respect, integrity, self discipline, being thankful to God, it’s many more tools that will assist in the full recovery of any damage..

It’s unpleasant, it’s interpersonal neuro-biological effects are fascinating, while it simultaneously bends and twists our narratives into painful story lines..

It is pernicious infesting not just our thoughts but our sensations, image, feelings and of course, ultimately our behavior, it just doesn’t seem to
go away, when a person is lacking in knowledge, not knowing self, not
taking the time to building up your self-esteem..

Knowledge is power, while curiosity – – – curiosity CREATES..

Which one do you prefer*?*

Are you seeking the knowledgeables that brings success within self with a service to and for the world*?*

Writing is a way that I can give back, in sharing my knowledge and understandings, I enjoy it..THE END…

It’s Been Lovely, Take Care

DOC #288318


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