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My Intro by Shaye Tropier

My name is Shaye Tropier #1176380 (a.k.a “SHAQEY”) and today is my birthday! I’m 37 and I’ve been incarcerated since November of 2011 for the manufacturing and distribution of heroin and powder cocaine. I have 15 months left on my sentence. I am originally from Richmond, Va. but plan on relocating to North Carolina when I’m released. I want to start fresh and somewhere new where I can leave my past behind me and have only my future to look forward to. that being said, I’m gonna end this here…Take care!

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  1. I may be too late. I’m a close friend from Richmond south side from before you were incarcerated. If you ever read this just know you are thought of and still cared for by me. I wrote you but I don’t know if it’ll get to you. Your words I still carry with me til this day. Blessings towards your future. Hope to find you again -M


  2. Hi I’m Skylar
    I believe you can and will have a new life and better than you’ve ever had before. Your crime was made and for that you’ve done your time and paid a huge price for your absence. You are loved Shaye, take hold of your earned freedom and make your future erase your past indefinitely. Prayers never stopped for you and never will.


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