Bobby Irelan

HEART OF SILENCE by Bobby Irelan

Self estranged, I
draw another connection
from the blood of the depraved,
in the fading light there
walks the last word..
evaporate in the remnants with decay.

Constellations aflame,
Infinity’s jaws
Dripping with the night,
Hallowed resentments drain,
Premunition of the self,
Stretch the skin over languorous heart of silence.

Its really not that easy to express the trials a person goes thru being locked away for more than a decade.. And there is no general way of looking at it due to the diversity of mind and soul in people. I have to admit though, that there are exceptional cases where imprisonment has the best possible outcome for the individual.. Where the old gives way to something entirely new..
“Why was the man born blind” they asked. “So that the glory of god may be made manifest in him” He replied..
These lyrics pertain to sections of that manifestation.. momentary sections.. eternal sections..
The exceptional aspect is that which applies to the Will.. the willingness.. but also, it must be said, to a certain predisposition it appears.. The idea of one being estranged from the self may seem like an extreme case of loneliness or indirection preserved only for the children of the night– but any free thinking person knows better.. The world is rift with sores.. If a person could imagine a Self that was made up of a collection of all the so-called selves belonging to every human– a collective Self: would it be a far reach to grasp the estrangement then?
The skin of “reality” has been stretched over the silent heart of the world.. and every person is that world.. There’s no actual separation.. I am you

Bobby Irelan
DOC #F59719

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