Joshua Cason

FAMILY TRAGEDY by Joshua Cason

As I traverse this fifteen year prison sentence, nearing it’s end, my Father my best friend has died! In DEC. ’17 he succumb to a massive heart attack after a year and a half of being almost bed bound with an undiagnosed illness. This man worked his whole life for his family as a mechanic with one leg which caused him pain everyday. We always lived a humble life in an old country home that was often in need of repair. The last few years have really taken it’s toll on the home and now the repairs are very extensive including a leaky roof, a broken furnace, rotten saggy floors and drafty windows.
My mother is very disabled herself with severe nerve damage for which she uses a walker at only 58 years old. They were both on social security. But now that my Father has passed the US government is saying that she will not be receiving any more of my Father’s income simply because she made a little bit more than he did over their lifetime. Effectively cutting the households income by half over night. A household that includes my 13 year old son whom has behaviour problems and a learning disability.
So now at the twilight of my sentence I feel more pressure than ever to get out and take care of my family responsibilities. So the next twenty two months are going to be the toughest yet. All due to the fact that my every waking thought is centered around these issues. Not to mention that I no longer will be receiving any outside financial help. I just pray that I am able to get out and find a good paying job so as that I will be able to remodel the house, and provide the positive male role model for my son since he has lost his grandfather (Poppy). I love my family so much and miss seeing their faces, My only hope in this life is that I become a man that everyone can be proud of; that I not be defined by my passed.
I love you Jesse, I love you Mom, I love you Leslie!

Joshua Cason
DOC #1191330

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