Why Isn’t The So Called STATE\State Open? By: Ronald Johnson

My Dear People Why isn’t it any Level of Pure Openness With this STATE/State? Why is it,that it is not a web site where Tax Payers can log into and view the Cameras in real time in the so called Prison System In THE STATE OF KANSAS/Kansas???? Why is that, one would have to submitt an Open Records request? Is it a State or STATE? If it is nothing to ever hide from We The People, why do we have to go through so much to view the Body Cams Of Police Officers After a Police Involved Shooting? But I shall stay on point and ask again Why aren’t Tax Payers able to go on line and View all and Any Cameras That are in the Prisons the pay Taxes to keep running? Is it something to hide? Why won’t Tax Payers Demand To have this done, is it to much Accountability that may happen, or is it they will see the Very Unprofessional people who works in these places, the undereducated ones, the God complexes that the staff have , the hate and rudeness that is Displayed by some of them? What is to hide, is it because of Fear Moungering Propoganda??? Ask yourselves Why won’t you as a tax Payer in The STATE/State OF KANSAS/Kansas you would not want to see and in real time how your Dollars are spent , How The Men And Woman of your State are being treated on a daily in these places.Our Women have Been RAPED by Staff in this State Men Have Been Killed By Staff in this State and the Propoganda of fear keeps you from wanting to know what goes on in these places????? A woman was Forced to have her Baby inside of her killed cuz she was Raped by the staff. I seen a man who had given up and was on the ground in cuffs,and the capitan walks up and empty a pepper spray bottle in is face, this is the leader and guess what People he still works here at this facility !! Why?? Then after treating the so Called Inmate/Offender , who are on the Books as Employees,like shit,and less than, we release them back into Your Community with you and your Family !!! So why would you as Tax Payers Not want Real Time Access to All KDOC Cameras, Why?? The (you) Tax Payers have paid for them, these are your Daughters and Sons, you Mothers And Fathers,Grandmothers/Grandfathers,so why not DEMAND Real Time Access to All KDOC Cameras ?? It must be a given in these type of places to ensure Human Diginty is incorporated into the very Core of anyone and everyone who come through these Doors from lack of full disclousure,or who come through knowing they are employees. So please understand what is at stake here, make no mistake about the Fact We Together have the Power. So please know Real Change is eed in this Current System, it is Broken,This is the Pure and Honest Truth of the Matter. As a STATE/State and FEDERAL Tax Payer Please Demand that real time Camera Viewing be placed online for our Tax Payers !! What will you All have to Lose? And in term you Will Ensure the Safety og the Staff and the Employees they house, who are commonly refered to as Inmates/Offenders,and you will get you a True and real understanding of the staff that walk in here daily on ther own as well the men/women in these places being housed here.You will see for yourself the Programs rooms Empty, and the same faces in ther day after day. You will see the Truth, don’t be scare of it we must change these things ASAP!!!!!! The FBI Is needed not only in these KANSAS/Kansas Prisons,but as well we need them in them District Courts In Kansas/KANSAS the World has Tasted the Wrongs of this KANSAS System, The people who been appointed to office have fallen short with the Moral Department, so does Two Wrongs make A Right ????? Please get active…. Holla Back if you here Me,

Ronald Johnson #79020
P.O.Box 311
El Dorado, KS.67042

Categories: politics, Ronald Johnson

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