Fayvun Manning

“WHOS TRUTH, IS TRUTH” by Fayvun Manning

by Ffmb Eae
When those who are in power to CREATE and DESTORY at the sametime are not keeping their wrong doings out of the eye sight of the public.
When hate, and lust dominate their very being and they become so far lost in their earthly desires and passions not being able to control or to draw a circle around their emotions, these are the people that we have choosen to become our leaders, the leaders of the worest kind of being using others as their steping stones to VICTORY in this life.
Not caring about the tears of the widow when she has lost her long life friend to WAR or the chester that has played with our young ones all of their lives and our young ones go down without a peep because of the threat of being ashamed of being put in the spot light for bringing the truth to the light.
his truth is not, can not, and will not be MY TRUTH! All this time I have thought that HIS-STORY was my truth but have come into the understanding that, everyone has their own TRUTH and it may be the right truth at that moment, but it can also be the worestest truth on the planet, just because everyone may be doing or following after the same truth doesn’t mean that it’s the right truth.
Stop being lead by the neck with a chain around your neck like a dog or hoursr and start standing for something instead of falling for anything, invesitgate.
I AM just your BROTHER

Fayvun Manning
DOC #68174

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