Nathaniel Hill

Reality of Life by Nathaniel Hill

In reality when life is ponder by the guidance of the Creator of all life. A kind of a clear understanding comes over one’s thoughts. When one comes out the womb, this is the start of when reality hits, without warning. The reality is that life begins to flee the child, and as it grows stronger, it seem as though one’s reality is filled with life, but actually one’s life is getting shorter. When the grays come in, the wrinkles goes across the face, and the back is no longer strong enough to stay straight. This is when life is more distance then one’s birthday. This is when the twin brother of Life comes closer. This is the reality on this side of the grave. One comes into this world to not meet Life for this short moment, but to greet Life, but to actually meet Death. Death becomes one’s companion at the grave. Death embraces one as a mother or father, just getting to see there son or daughter from a long journey. Meaning the embrace will end, when Life embraces the one, that it once greeted on it’s journey. Resurrection is the other name of this embrace. The reality is that this short journey is just a test for each person that is put on this earth. There is many ways to pick from that will guide one. These ways will either help or harm one on this journey. Each person must pick wisely, because where their tree falls, there it will stay. Until it is raised from that spot, or that choice that one made is shown true or false. Many “think” their way, their choice is the right one. Actually only The Reality will let one know this. At this moment we all go with faith of whatever we believe. My choice have been many, until I matured, “maned up”, then a peace came over me with much study and pondering. My choice was Islam, but the wise thing is that I don’t put others down for their own choice. Because we all came with our own life, and will die our own death. Just grasp for a moment are you realizing the reality or just daydreaming? Are you living the reality of life, or are you deceived with so many illusions in this life? We do have a enemy, but that enemy has close companions, they are your mind, heart, and desires. When not guided and shaped with right teachings, the enemy uses these enemies against one. They are very deadly, because we as human look at them as close friends, leaving them unchecked, trusting them with our life, our reality, and our choices. The mind leads one to think selfishly, the heart leads one with feelings that change, by many things that touches it deeply, and the desires lead one to burning perversion, unchecked lusts that ruin marriages, families, children childhood, godly faith, strong steps to man or womanhood and much more. These enemies smile with one, cry with one, embrace one, stands with one, and calls out loudly to one. This is just a taste of the Reality of Life. When will you realize the reality, and forsake the illusion of the world?

Nathaniel Hill
DOC #83060

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