Cody Besch

Introducing Cody Besch

My name is Cody Besch, I’m 29 years old and I’m from Texas but am currently incarcerated here in Virginia since October 2015.
I’ve turned from a loving, caring, good hearted individual to a bitter, hateful, mean person because of what I’ve been going through having to survive in prison. It eats at me everyday. I start to wonder how we’re expected to rehabilitate when we’re just punished constantly. Not only are we dealing with the seperation of everything we knew but also the struggle of life in prison. Then there’s the battle against the system and the tedious nonsense and rules. It’s made for failure. I have given up all that a man could ask for, by coming here. A home, land, loving friends and family, a decent job, and countless material possessions. It’s my own fault but how does one ignore the fact and not have self pity. I see people every day that are comfortable with the fact of being here and I wonder how can someone be at such peace with themselves. I’ve lost so much hope and faith in anything I believed in. Now I’m trying to let some of these thoughts out and see if it helps.
If you’re interested in contacting me email me a or write.

Cody Besch #1771920
Pocahontas correctional 518
Pocahontas, Virginia 24635

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  1. Cody – very sorry to learn of your situation. I remember you well, from that place called ‘Miss Molly’s’ (I think that’s what it was) near Columbus, back in the day! I just now saw Michelle’s post, and ditto that for me. Hit me back some time, and I will reply. Hang in there. Later – T B


  2. My heart goes out to you Cody. I wish there were words that could easy this time in your life. Our minds are our own worst enemies. It is a prison we can never escape no matter where we are physically. I truly hope you can find the light above this dark cloud over your head. Sending you hope and good vibes.


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