Charles Flagg

Introducing Charles Flagg Bey

Hello World,
The Father is Gracious and Beneficent;He have created the world in Mercy and Love. So,In my humble opinion it’s not the worlds fault for the way it’s being treated,the people in it are to blame. Why? Because He have endued us with reason,to maintain our dominion;He have fitted us with langauge to improve our society, and exalted ones mind with the powers of meditation,to contemplate and adore His inimitable perfections. So,in essence what we’ve failed to do is let the actions of our life show love to His Law…thus creating what we see in the world today,lawlessness.. law is what i want to focus on because it governs all events including DACA. Now, in one of the greatest documents ever written,the Constitution, there are amendments called the reconstruction amend.13,14 and 15.The 13th called the Emancipation Proclamation which is bearing witness to the fact that a people had been held in BONDAGE… because this is what emancipation means to physically free a people from bondage. Once this was done the people had to respond in order to be within the bounds of the Constitutional Law and proclaim their nationality. This never happened, because of the great knowledge that was stolen and stripped during their tragic journey, causing these people to suffer still because of the reconstruction of modern day slavery; leading to the 14th amendment, separate but equal, due process…high lighting separate. And lastly the 15th amend., which further points out how these people were misidentified to keep them under the iron hand of oppression, all the while knowing the people in America, are all created equal, bearing one free national name…Americans!However, if you are born and raised in a place and asked what your free national name is and you fail to give it, one is subject to be misused, exiled or imprisoned.In this case we are not privileged. We are granted privileges like voting and the negro acts. The Black codes in the 15 amend.governs the modern day slaves…thus,creating a caste system,white-superior/Black-inferior.DACA, also bears witness to how important the right to BLOOD and the right to LAND really is. Without nationality, you are a Slave in whatever land you find yourself in.I am currently doing time in the MDOC, serving a natural life sentence, for 1st degree murder. I am self educated despite my conditions. I move with a purpose. contact, C.Flagg-Bey #229549 God Bless! smiles…P.S. Signing off from the wall that talks.

Charles Flagg
DOC #229549

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