Matthew Shepherd

Introducing Matthew Shepherd

My name is Matthew Shepherd I am 40 years young. I am a Virgo. I was on 5/8/16 and I’ll be free, if I’m good on 3/20/19. I’m single and although I’m shy I love to meet new people. I’m the father of two girls 22 and 14 and they are my world. The oldest just got married and is pregnant so I’m going to be a grandfather…..That’s funny to me because I feel like I’m in my twenties. I’m from Norfolk Virginia. I love the beach and any activities outside ie. fishing, boating, camping etc. I like to read as well. Knowledge is key. If you’d like to be friends and chat you can contact me by searching Matthew Shepherd #1117588 through or the Jpay app. It doesn’t matter how the conversation begins. The fun is in finding out where it may take us.

Matthew Shepherd
DOC #1117588

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  1. Just set up jpay app -sent you a card too! I miss you like crazy. You’re such a great person and you deserve so much more! You don’t belong in there!!! I’m very proud of you! I love you very much Btw congrats on being a Granddaddy- Emerysn is a perfect beautiful angel!!


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