James Clark

by James Clark

togather today i know life is not forever but togather as a pack we can withstand whatever but if death may befall us the sheild of jesus christ will cover us love and respect till death loyalty till the last breath as a family we can overcome whoever contest togather we can do anything if we stand togather

James Clark
DOC #658123

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  1. Yes, James, you are right. With Jesus Christ we can overcome any bad thing. Even death. Christ tells us that death still has a sting and all of us know how bad it hurts to get stung by a wasp or a bee. But the sting goes away. No matter how old we get, we can still be born all over again. We can become a new person. That is the power of Christ. And yes, all of us who believe in Jesus and live our lives the way He tells us to are family.
    God bless you James.


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