Fayvun Manning

“The POWERFUL vs. The powerless” by Fayvun Manning

by Ffmb Eae
I have the POWER! I have the power to Create and Destory, to bring forth or not, to do wrong or right. My Power comes from my ” MIND”………If I give you my power then you control my body, Do not the MIND actuate and directs the flesh?
I push my oun buttons, Im not going to let you get me mad because I’ll learnt how to Think, Understand, and Reason, before I will my reaction into the manifest. The thinking process is your first action of your soul so learning how to give your own power to your own thought makes you the most POWERFUL
Just because you have lots of money or lots of material things, doesn’t make you POWERFUL!! Love comes from POWER being used to assist every Man, Women, Child, Animal,Tree, LIFE in it’s self, thats what makes you the Most POWRFUL.
You are powerless when you try and take advantage of life in the wrong ways. donate to a homeless shalter to help those in need and dont expect a blessing. Buy a homeless person a meal and eat it with them instead of down grade them because we dont know what they have been through, life is a blessingin it’s self and to be able to hehp makes you THE MOST POWERFUL.
I AM just your Brother

Fayvun Manning
DOC #68174

E.D.C.F. P.O. Box 311
Eldorado, kansas 67042
www. jpay.com
FACebook Ffmb Eae or Ffmb Bey

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