Kevin D. Smith

Just Doing Time, By Kevin Smith

I woke up early this morning. just hanging out with a couple of homies before they left. One had to go back to the yard for a parole hearing and the other went to a work center. Its hard getting close to people in here. thank god tomorrow is friday. Get to sleep in on the weekend don’t have to get up at 5am. I wonder who is reading this you know you can add me on JPay and we can talk about whatever. I know I feel crazy as hell writing shit on here and not knowing if anyone is even reading this oh well I’m here for another year hit me up.

Kevin Smith
DOC #113684


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  1. Hi Kevin – I’m reading your comments down here in New Zealand. I personally can’t help you – I’m already fully committed to two prisoners elsewhere in the USA, as well as to a school in Cambodia – but I recommend signing up if you haven’t already, to Write-A-Prisoner requesting a pen friend who can send the occasional book. I know you’re bored by life inside – and that pulpy diet of TV isn’t exactly lifting your spirits. But hang in there. I don’t know how much you’re into books – but these have provided my other friends a means of flying free in their minds. The other thing is to find out through the library about groups in the USA who donate heaps of books to prisoners. One friend is going through Black Literature must-reads, as well as autobiographies which he loves.

    Here’s a US-wide organisation. Send them a letter.

    Books to Prisoners
    c/o Left Bank Books
    92 Pike Street, Box A
    Seattle, WA 98101

    Or write this one.

    D.C. Books to Prisons (**Cannot send books to Lieber Correctional Institution in Pelzer, SC)
    DC Books to Prisons
    PO Box 34190
    Washington, DC 20043-4190

    I’m sorry I can’t personally help you further, but you are not alone my friend. Use your time and stretch your mind.

    Love and respect


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