Brandon Stovall

Introducing Brandon Stovall

My name is Brandon Ra’Malle Stovall, I’m 31 years old. My intake date is Septemer 1st 2016 and my release date is January 2021. If you are wondering what I’m in for I don’t mind explaining. Born and raised by 2 military parents I lived all over the world growing up ; Japan, California, New Jersey, Germany, Virginia, & Hawaii are a few places but Hawaii was probably my most favorite. I am Leo and have no kids. Would like to have some one day though. I’ve been bartending, waiting tables, & selling cars most of my life so I’m good with people. I got my Associates Degree in Applied Science & Technology from Tidewater Community College. My girlfriend Christine Adams is the most amazing woman I have ever had. She is beautiful, brilliant, kind, funny and loves to read books just like me. Well I hope this is good enough and if anyone is interested with contacting me. There is an app called Jpay or Thanks for your time.

Brandon Stovall
DOC #1201572


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