Samuel Sims

Introducing Samuel Sims

Hello, Everybody i just wanted to say a few words today because alot has been on my mind about how people think that we have it good in prison.First yes we have 3 meals a day and a roof over our head and a bed to sleep in but i would give it to anybody who wants and be a bum liveing on the streets.You see this is another world being in here and if you dont have family support or a woman in you’r life then you really get caught up in this prison life and begin to only know this world in here.It takes a very strong mind to be able to make it in here and when you don’t have a strong mind you lose you’rself in many ways in here!I’ve learned to be strong and keep to myself thru my job thats what keep going and in the mean time,I’m looking to find a woman that can help me ease my loneliness.I’ve been putting add’s on every web-site that i can for pen-pal’s.You see ipass my time in here with writing letter’s to someone or sending e-mail’s,because having someone in you’r life in here to ease you’r loneiness really help’s alot.I wish i had someone that could come visit me that would really make my day a Hell of alot better!You see i have family that come and see me but now that ive been moved so far away from home my visits only come once or twice a year now and thats heart breaking.So if some knows a new pen-pal web-site that i can sign up too please send me the info,i’m on (prison pen-pal and write a prisoner) my time is almost up on them now so i want to sign up to some different this go around because i didn’t have any good luck on finding a pen pal to write me.Having someone in you’r corner in here goes o very long way for us because it gives us strength inside knowing that someone cares about us enough to stop doing what they are doing to give us some of there time that day.It’s liks where spending quility time togetherwhen we write or talk on the phone.Well my time is up on here for now but i will be back again and i hope that someone will hit me up from here telling me something,bye for now until next time.

Samuel Sims
JR #54377

P.S. i would like to thank Suzie Jennings for setting this up for us to be able to send our words out to the world for eveybody to see!

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  1. Hi mr blogger. I agree that some people think its made to easy but thats because they are focused on punishment and not reform. I will message you soon x


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