Kody Osco


it’s extremely sad that our so called leaders are stouping to the other level. and the only people suffering is the men and woman that supported them… why can’t one of them just man up swallow that little bit of bleep caught up in their throat, let the American people get back to daily activities, here’s some advice, came to me from a 12 year old .. “” you should. never stoup to anyone’s level, their only looking to drag you down to their level and beat you in experience!!”””. when grown men in the house that represents our great nation arguing.. our for father would be cussing spitting In their graves. here’s a solution that helps keeps grown man tantrum in check every body who is involved /works in any branch receives nothing till it’s worked out.. I see all these comircials about stand up to bullies or anti bully we the amircan people should be taken action, I mean either you stand for something, or fall anything best believe if these cry babies were affecting my check I’d be organising people to stand by what we believed we were voting for , in the end the government is nothing more then a bunch of cry baby bullies “”we’ll shut it down, if you. don’t do this or that, in so many incorrect ways its like extorting they argue and bicker back and forth using the amercan people as hostages, it becomes a media frenzy, snow balling into drama on such a level, makes us as a nation look weak in the eyes of other nations.. all the people who worked so hard in the parks durring them them wild fires are now not recieveing pay if this is then case I can’t believe the american people stand for this organise gather in such numbers that your voices echo from coast to coast, because In the end this nation was built on the blood of free Americans not politics.

DOC #640807

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