“Family” By: BillBill is suppose to be someone you can trust.
2.someone you don’t have to second guess about being loyal.
3.someone who love is genuine .
4.someone thats there regardless if your up or down .
5.FAMILY is wgho you make it .
Everbody ain’t that. FAMILY is who you make it.
In order for someone to be called family they should be all the above . ….. FREE my Brothers …NETWORK P-SAVGE TY-BUTTA G-GOONIE NELL LIL DUMMY ANT BAGS LIL RELL LIL JOEY ………. ……Remember everybody ain’t loyal, snakes and rats are hard to point out when there sneaky and good at manipulation. .It’s best to keep your circle small .REAL IS REAL FAKE IS FAKE

William Williams
DOC #714738

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  1. Expectations are always hard, what “should” be compared to what “could” be and what actually is. When blessings others regardless of expectations, just because we can, now that is brotherly and sisterly, family or no.


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