Raymond Harris

by Raymond Harris

Sometimes, people hate when other people who, care. [People who show compassion and empathy towards the forgotten] help bring back the life of, the incarcerated. (Forgetting that one day, they will return to, Your Neighborhood.) Yet, it is those very same individuals who, are the so-called “Children of God.” (People of, all walks of, Religion) who, find the hypocrisy within themselves with the reflections of, dissatisfaction…
[I TRY, to walk a life of, Christianity. But, I am NOT, Jesus!…]

I have used and abused, people… (People have used and abused, Me…) Maybe, my Karma was the result of, my brick wall to, incarceration… But, why the way it was served wasn’t, my shell…
At times in here, my pain is so deep that, I could swear that I bleed, Misery… So, when people like YOU, walk into my life and, breathe Your Own Breath into, My Life. I can’t help but to honor, that. And acknowledge the fact that, I am NOT the only one who is still fighting for this country to be, better… (Because, this could was never, “Great!”… But, it can, be!…)
Someone once told me, “Project to others what, YOU yourself would challenge others to, be!”…
Well, I challenge the world to be better, people!… I challenge the world to, show the Love of Jesus, Ghundi, Martin and, Malcolm.

I Love the World, even though I don’t know 99 percent of, it!… So, with that being, said. I challenge the World to do one, thing…
Initially, being from a “shithole” country (as the President, says.) Love Me back as, “a African-American.”

Raymond Harris
DOC #770199


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